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Europe Information

Europe Information is responsible for providing civic information in the two national languages of Finland (Finnish and Swedish) on EU issues that have an effect on the Finns. Europe Information is reliable Finnish source of EU information; it promotes discussion on EU issues, produces relevant material and responds to questions on the EU.

Europe Information serves everybody, but particular target groups are teachers, students and the media. Europe Information grants discretionary government transfers to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) annually.

Cooperation in sharing and disseminating civic information on the EU with provincial, regional and local players is an important part of our work. Consequently, we organize seminars and discussion events in different parts of the country and take part in fairs. Therefore, we produce materials on a broad range of topics and train teachers in EU issues. Our popular slide show and trivia quiz on the EU can be accessed on our website.

Our print publications on the EU are available, free of charge, and are also increasingly accessible online. Visitors can order individual publications through the website. EU-information service replies to citizens' questions on the EU at:

We make effective use of the social media and Twitter is an appropriate channel for presenting questions and comments on topical EU matters. Thus, questions, queries and feedback on EU matters can be sent via Facebook and Twitter, where it is easy to follow our news.

Feel free to contact us on any EU issues!

Updated 1/16/2015